Updated Site Development in Deca Homes Mulig

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Updated Site Development in Deca Homes Mulig

Deca Homes Mulig in Toril on their 5th Month of Selling House and Lot Single Attached lowcost housing in Southbound of Davao City. The best of ┬áDeca Homes Mulig in toril is now accepting applicants in a less hassle compliance of requirements thru CTS/In house Financing, still holds their concept of the earliest possible move-in at a very affordable equity or downpayment. Deca Homes Mulig provides home that suits to the client’s budget that every family or individual live not just aiming their shelter but also providing their other basic needs.
CTS/Inhouse Financing sample computation:
TCP: 1,178,000.xx (selected units)
Reservation Fee: 10,000.xx (deductible)
Equity/Downpayment for 12 months: 5,000.xx
Est. Monthly Amort. thru CTS/Inhouse: 11,414.49 (minimum of 2 years)
Est.Monthly Amort. thru Pag-ibig: 7,347.53
Free Motorcycle MCX 100cc for every Pag-ibig takeout



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