Loft Type House for Assume 10,800 monthly amortization at 180K – SOLD!!

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This has been sold!!

Location: Executive, Deca Homes Resort Residences

Assume Price: P 180,000


– Lot Area: 100 sqm

– Floor Area: 60.6 sqm

– Free electricity installation

– Free water installation

– Located near amenities.

– No Arrears.

– No Reservation fee needed

Hindi ka na lugi sa 180,000 assume price kasi po aabot ng 190,000 plus yong nabayad ng owner sa Deca Homes office…


Loft Type House For Assume New Loft Type for Sale
– Package Price: P1,250,000 (Old Price)
– No Reservation fee needed
– Monthly Amortization after paying Assume Price of P180,000: P10,850.07 (monthly for 1st 4 years)
– After 4 years, regular monthly amortization is more or less P12,500 from 5th year to 25 years- Good as New. Never been used. Ready for Occupancy Unit.- LIPAT AGAD!! New Unit

– Standard Finished

– Free Electricity and water installation

– Package Price: P1,700,000 (New Price)
– Requires P 10,000 Reservation fee
– Monthly Amortization with downpayment of P180,000: P14,306.96 (monthly for 1st 5 years)
: P180,000 DP is not compulsory as Deca Homes accepts P 50,000 minimum downpayment and installment up to 5 months.
– After 5 years, regular monthly amortization is P15,924.49 from 6th year to 25 years- New Unit

– Standard Finished

– Personal application on Electricity and water installation (We can assist you on this)





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