Deca Homes Financing Options

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Important: We no longer have SCHEME 1 at Deca Homes. All applicants will be taking SCHEME 2 at a lower interest rate of 11% per annum with a promt rebates on their monthly amortization for the first 5 years

CTS Gold Scheme is a financing scheme that 8990 Housing Development Corp, Deca Homes Project Developer, offers to its clients to finance their units. The Payment Options that client can choose:

Scheme 1. Convertible to Pag-ibig Fund (HDMF) within 4 years
– Opens to all non Pag-ibig and Pag-ibig members.
– Buyers can select this option in which the loanable amount will have a fix interest rate of 8.5% per annum within 4 years. It will be In-house financing yet, convertible to Pag-ibig financing within 4 years. In order that your loan will be converted to Pag-ibig financing, buyers must be legible to apply for Pag-ibig Fund Housing Loan (buyers must have at least 24 months Pag-ibig Funds contributions and No existing Pag-ibig Housing loan). The current HDMF interest rate per annum shall be applied to your loan once it will be converted to pag-ibig financing.
– This options is only applicable for our Bungalow Model House.

Failure to qualify for HDMF housing loan requirements after the said 4 years, the unpaid balance of your loan will be recomputed with 11.5% interest rate per annum up to the last term applied.

Scheme 2. Straight In-House Financing
– The option is very straightforward. The loanable amount will have a fix interest rate of 11.5% per annum up to the last term applied.
– This option is applicable for our Loft Type Model House


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