Commercial Lot with Bungalow House For Assume at 110K – SOLD!!

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This had been sold!!

Located at Deca Homes Resort Residences

Lot Area: 102sqm

Floor Area: 35.1 sqm

Commercial Lot with bungalow house for Assume.

Free light and water installation.

Call or text 0929-402-3600 for site tripping


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  1. rosie  April 8, 2014

    hi! clarifications lang.
    – P70k ang total amount o may add-on pa?
    – never been occupied?

    my brother’s family is presently residing in deca homes esperanza. he rented the house just last month but it is also for assume. the assume price is P350k (my reason for the clarification of the P70k 🙂 )

    interested much to assume a house. hope you can enlighten us. thank you : )

    • admin  April 8, 2014

      Hi Mam, yes, it is for assume for 70K…text or call 09294023600 for details..thanks

      • rosie  April 8, 2014

        hi! i already texted. wala kayong reply.

        i gave your contact number to another brother of mine na taga Sasa. mag site trip sila maybe after lunch. hope makareply kayo sa text nila. wala akong mabigay na exact address.

        thank you : )


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